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Culture and Adventure 3 Nights - 4 Days Luxor - Kharga
Day 1: Depart from Hotel / Cruise after Breakfast - Arrive in Tabuna Camp
The drive from Luxor to the camp site in the oasis of Kharga will take 4 hours and will take you straight through the vast desert expanding beyond the river banks of the Nile.
Once we reach the camp, you will have time to check-in, refresh yourself and enjoy the lunch served at the camp.

Lunch in Camp
Have your first lunch in our camp.

You will explore the desert and take a Camel ride to Kysis.

Camel Ride to the Site of Kysis
- As the camp is located close to the site of Kysis you will be transported to the sites by camel, introducing you to the way ancient Egyptians used to travel.
- Kysis was built in the 1st century CE, and dedicated to the gods Isis and Serapis. It has since 1967 been beautifully restored, and it also has a great location. It overlooks the all of the eastern valley below former Kysis. There are two hypostyle halls, both with entrances in near perfect condition. Most columns have been knocked down, but large pieces lie around. Note that the eastern side seems to have been without a wall, as allowing the fertile lands below to have been visible during ceremonies.

Dinner in Camp
You will be brought back to the camp and have dinner.

Camp Activities
After dinner, you can enjoy the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of the Tabuna Camp. Enjoy a typical cup of tea, smoke a water pipe, marvel at the beauty of the stars and the quiteness of the desert.

Day 2: Breakfast in Camp
Have a big breakfast as you have a full day ahead of you.

A Full Day of Desert & Culture
Enjoy the drive towards the area of Labaka, where we will leave the road and enter the desert by 4x4 to explore the beauty of the vast desert and all the interesting remains of past centuries.

You will enjoy a typical “Bedouin Style” desert lunch while visiting exciting places like the “Temple of the North”,the sanctuary of Piyris, Qasr el –Labaka and the famous Qasr Umm el-Dadaadib.

4x4 Drive to Ain Umm Dabadib & Qasr El-Labeka
- Ain Umm Dabadib is the sight of Kharga that requires the most effort to reach, crossing sand dunes. The former town here owed its wealth to being one of the last staging posts before the caravans headed north. Its history goes back to Roman times, and remains of temples from this period still stand. There are also ruins of churches outside the fortress walls. The original water systems and irrigation systems helped use the limited water resources. An underground aqueduct system is still visible. It used to run for 15 km, and some of it still in use by local farmers. The original Ain Umm Dabadib was large, perhaps more than 200 km².

- Qasr El-Labeka was built by the Romans, yet largely implementing traditional building techniques. It was on the old caravan routes, and in its heyday the surrounding area was green and with water. Water was carried by an aqueduct that still stand, but which is silted up. It lies along a seasonal river (wadi) on an escarpment. The outer walls are 12 meters high and quite imposing. The location for this and the Ain Umm Dabadib is both part of the attraction and the reason why so few venture out here. The journey goes across real desert, and is only done by 4x4.

Dinner in Camp
After an amazing desert experience you will retrun back to the Thabuna Camp for dinner
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